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Friday, March 25, 2016

March 23, 2016 This week has been a good one, although quiet.

           This week has been a good one, although quiet. Thursday was St Patrick's Day which was pretty cool. It was fun to see bagpipes everywhere! We live in a neighborhood that has lots of bars and restaurants so everybody in our neighborhood was drunk at like 3 in the afternoon. As we were walking around too, a lot of the really expensive and fancy bars hired midgets to dress up like leprechauns which were bizarre! They probably make some good money though!
            Friday and Saturday were pretty slow, I caught a pretty rough sickness and those days it hit hard. We went to look up the same referral those days and Friday he told us to come back on Saturday and Saturday he wasn't home which stunk. Hopefully we will be able to catch him soon. We could really use some new investigators!
            Sunday was good! It was fun to be able to meet some more of the branch members! Everybody in the branch has a pretty cool story! We had great lessons as well! On
            Monday we got to go visit one of the members in the branch and share a short message with him! He is a really cool guy he bought us subway which is rad! I'm always down for a sandwich!
            Tuesday we had high hopes of meeting with another referral, but after about 15 minutes of waiting, he called and had to reschedule which was a little disappointing but we will hopefully meet with him on Thursday which would be rally wonderful!  All In all it was a quiet week, nothing much is really happening. Hopefully we can get this area going at a quicker pace.
            We have one somewhat progressing investigator, who I have never met. So we have been trying to find new people to teach which is alright. The one investigator basically likes the church for the social aspects, but wants to stay Catholic. The district is good though which is nice. We have some good missionaries and Elder Degraw is doing a good job. I heard about the bombings, it’s pretty sad; it is a good thing that nobody (missionaries) was hurt super badly. We haven't heard anything about having to change anything here and there haven’t been any restrictions or precautions! Today we are going to head to one of the chapels and play ping pong and stuff like that. Likely a quiet day!

Elder Richards

Sorry I didn't get Brayden's letter posted on time this week, its been a little hectic.

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