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Friday, March 11, 2016

March 9, 2016 It's fun to be back into the city.

Week update
        This week was pretty good, it was slow as well. It's fun to be back into the city. This new area I'm in is pretty interesting. I've met a handful of members. They have been pretty cool! I met one of our members named Mike. He has a YouTube channel which is pretty cool. He's also a flight attendant! But he is super rad! We went and visited him on Thursday! It feels weird to be back in the old apartment! It brings back a ton of memories! Our building supervisor is still just as crazy! 
        My first Sunday in the branch was pretty good! It is really small! It is pretty fun though! There were about thirty people in the branch. It is a really interesting branch. People opt into it so we don't really have less actives. So that's weird and everybody works during the day so the day is pretty slow! We are going to start looking around with the other missionaries to find members in their wards, most probably less active. And hopefully get them to come to this branch! So that will be good! 
           It was cool to see some of the people from the old YSA Ward I was in have switched and moved to the MSA branch which is rad! One of the recent converts in the YSA Ward is the new Ward mission leader which is really cool! We haven't had a whole ton of teaching opportunities it's which stinks but we will keep looking! I figure we will just try to get anybody we can and just send them as referrals. So that will be good. My comp is from Tula Rosa or something it's right by Irvine California 
          Today seems like a pretty quiet day! We are at the China town chapel and are playing board games and getting haircuts from this guy who hooks the missionaries up! Elder Degraw is pretty rad. we get along well! Not much happened this last week. It was a little boring. But hopefully we can find some more work this upcoming week! The branch members all seem pretty cool. Which is pretty cool.

        The city is getting pretty warm! Which is nice! I haven't had to use anything more than a sweater which is rad! I don't really know where to start in building up this area, it's pretty slow, and I really want to help it pick up. But it's interesting to try to find people. There is nowhere where we can really tract down here. And street contacting people who are eligible to be in the branch is difficult, but we will find a way! Like I said earlier we are hoping to find less actives in other wards to bring into our branch. But this last week was pretty slow. Which sort of stinks. I don't know if I have that much to tell. It was a pretty slow week! I did get some good pics though! 

Elder Richards
Hey look its a Mustang!

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