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Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 13, 2016 Finding is the work!

Week update,
Hey guys it's been a pretty good week, I'm working on really applying the lessons taught from general conference and working to keep growing. I really want to make the best of these last couple of months. I hope you guys are all doing well. Wednesday night was pretty good, we went and visited a less active in Inwood who is in the age range of the branch, and invited him to come, he said he would but he didn't end up showing up which stunk!
Thursday was pretty quiet, we had our interviews with President which went well. Then we had a lesson with a guy named Anthony, but he canceled again, so that stunk. The rest of the day was pretty quiet, nothing much too really report on!
Friday was another pretty quiet day. We weekly planned, tried to find some people to teach, and called some less actives!
Saturday was pretty good, we taught a referral from the sisters, it's this guy named Oscar. He seems nice enough, we taught him the restoration. I'm not sure how much he understood. From the questions he asked we will need to be pretty basic with him. He is currently living with his parents. And he says he is taking care of his dad, but he is really lonely and he wants to make some new friends through church. So that's pretty good, later that afternoon, we were out trying to find some people to teach, and we stumbled across a random bagpipe parade, so I will attach some pictures it was a pretty cool thing to see! It was a pretty rainy and windy day which would have really stunk to have been playing in! I was happy to be a spectator.
Sunday was pretty good, it was a pretty quiet fast Sunday but testimony meeting was on fire, there were some great testimonies. Oscar came, but he had to leave in the middle of the sacrament. He waved over to me on the stand, blessing the sacrament. And wished a good day and said he would see me later.
Monday was pretty good as well, we had rescheduled with Anthony again for Monday but he didn't show up which sort of stunk, Later that day we went to a really rad place for lunch, It's called “Burger Joint”, but the way you get to it is you go into this really fancy hotel, and there is a weird little dark alley behind  the check in desk with a neon burger at the end so when you get to the end you turn a corner and you step into this super grunge burger restaurant it's super rad, and they have really good burgers. Anyways the rest of the day was pretty quiet, but we stayed busy by finding some people.
Tuesday was pretty alright, we had a lesson set with Oscar but he got lost, and couldn't find the chapel. So we rescheduled for Thursday. We had a dinner with the Elders quorum president which was pretty good!  We went to a vegetarian place. I had a burrito with some weird fake meat. Today I saw a homeless guy who had a sign with a link to his pay pal account! It was pretty crazy! 
Love ya

Elder Richards

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