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Friday, April 8, 2016

April 6, 2016 Consumed in Conference!

This week has been pretty good,
            The car show was lots of fun, I will send some of the highlight pictures! Thursday morning President Smith invited us to go to the temple with him which was a real fun time! A funny incident happened as well! So we went to the first session of the day and it was way early. So we go and have a great session and on our way to the changing room we see none other than Brother Vince Rosdahl! One of the main cats from New Canaan! It turns out he is a temple worker Thursday morning anyways we catch up for a bit, then we proceed to go into the changing area, and he sort of just follows us in! So I fold up my white cloths and he's talking to President Smith about some bet between the temple workers, "that its one of the missionaries" So I make sure I still have the key to my locker, and proceed to go to my changing stall and brother Rosdahl follows and so I know something’s up at this point. Anyways once I open my stall I suddenly hear it! My iPad alarm was going off to wake me up at 6:30! I forgot to turn it off! Luckily the alarm I chose is a Random MoTab song! Anyways we had a good laugh! The temple President was in our session as well! All in all it was a good time!  We went and got breakfast afterwards with President Smith. And had a good chat! Later that day we were helping get a member in the branch moved, and they were moving to a building in Inwood that a lot of the members up there live in so we stopped by and visited a member up there. We visited Paul Caball he is a really nice guy, a little quirky but he is still a card! It was fun to see how he was doing!
            Friday was cool the church was hosting a interfaith conference and we got to help out, we really didn't do much other than carry bottled water up stairs but it was still nice because we got free food! We didn't actually attend any of the conference!  So that's always a win!
            Saturday and Sunday were consumed in Conference but they were both really good! I think this has been the best one on the mission! I really liked Elder Nelsons talk and also Elder Hales! And a ton of other ones! But it was a really uplifting experience! I got some good notes!
            Monday was good we had zone meeting which was pretty alright, then we cruised around the city trying to find people to teach!
            Yesterday we had interviews with president. I enjoyed the zone study part although it went pretty long, So long in fact president moved our interviews to Thursday so that will be good! The highlight of this week was definitely General Conference! It was really an awesome one! 
            I felt like a lot of the talks we very relatable and that I was able to comprehend a lot of them! I'm really excited for them to be put into print! I'm eager to go back and study them some more! Today is a cool day for church history! So that's fun! A lot of big things have happened on this day! But I will let you figure them all out!
Anyways I hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Richards

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