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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 11, 2016 Happy Mother's Day!

This week was a pretty good one,
            Thursday was alright, we got skunked all day and twice by the same person, so that stunk. But oh well Elder Burton had a doctor appointment, so that was a pretty nice break in the day.
            Friday was pretty quiet as well. Nothing really happened just a lot of trying to find less active people. Friday was really very similar nothing really happened.
            Saturday was a nice shake up, I got to go on a split with my roommate Elder Newbold which was fun, we spent the morning doing some service in Central Park. We did a lot of weeding but it was really fun to be able to work with dirt again. After words we were supposed to meet some people but they didn't show up which sort of stunk. We spent the evening wandering around trying to talk to people,
            Sunday was pretty good, the morning was quiet we did Weekly planning, then we went to church, and then we had dinner at the chapel then we Skyped home, it was really fun to talk to everybody at home.
It was a real treat.
            Monday we had district meeting and then we spent the day contacting. It was a bit of a long day.       Tuesday we spent the morning painting benches at Central Park which was pretty fun. Then we were supposed to have lessons with two people and then they cancelled. One cancelled twice in the same day after we rescheduled for later the day, and they didn't show up again which really stunk. ! I've been working on trying to have Heavenly Father plan our days, sometimes it's a little hard! Oscar is progressing slowly and Anthony keeps flaking on the lessons, he won't show up so we call him and reschedule for a couple of hours later then he doesn't show up then which stinks but oh well.
            Sally was the lady from the UN we haven't gotten a hold of her yet, but we plan to soon!  Not much is going on today. We are hanging out. I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Richards

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