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Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 4, 2016 What a crazy few days!

Week Update,
            This week was a pretty interesting one, here is what happened.
            Thursday Morning my roommate wanted to go to this diner for breakfast, it's a diner where people who want to be on Broadway go to work when they can't get a job on Broadway, anyways it's pretty unique because they sings Broadway songs and it's pretty good. Anyways we went there for breakfast and it was pretty cool. Then after words we went to the UN to hopefully meet with the lady we met last week, so we went over there then Elder Burton didn't want to go in. So we didn't, we went back home. We went to a thing for a service opportunity we wanted to do. And then we headed home. That evening Elder Burton got really sick and started puking pretty much all night, I slept through most of it but I heard about it in the morning. Anyways the next day Elder Burton was out for the count, then in the afternoon we went to an urgent care, they are all over the city. Anyways he was in the doctor’s office for a while and after he came out they told him what causing the barfing and pain was a allergic reaction to a antibiotic he was taking so they prescribed him a ton of different medications. So we went home and he laid down again. Then in the evening he wanted to go back because his head was still hurting so we went back again. This time the doctors thought he might have appendicitis. So they sent us to the emergency room, we were there all night, Around 11:30 pm Elder Burton was in a lot of pain so they gave him morphine, after that he was pretty much out for the rest of the night. They did blood work on him and gave him a cat scan around 3 am, the rest of the time he was out. I did see some crazy stuff while waiting in the emergency room, they brought in this homeless guy, and he was wigging out. They had to strap him to his hospital bed and he was yelling and barking like a dog. Security was holding him down but from what I understand he was just being a wild guy and they ended up letting him leave I think. Or they knocked him out. It just got all quiet from him after a while, Another crazy thing that happened is an Asian lady brought her boyfriend in around 2 and he was asleep when they wheeled him in. But when he woke up he thought he had superpowers and was trying to fight the doctors, so they gave him a ton of sedatives, and a cat scan on his head. We got Roommates at 1 in the morning, it was an Asian guy and his girlfriend from Russia, The Asian dude got some medication and was out so I chatted with the Russian lady for a good while. Turns out she's from DC and she moved to the USA when she was 13. We ended talking about the church's service and humanitarian work for a good while which was nice, anyways we got discharged and got home at 6:30 right when our roommates were waking up, so I made breakfast then I went to bed. I woke up at 2 pm and Elder Burton was still out. And that's pretty much the rest of Saturday.
            Sunday we went to church and it was really good. We had 4 investigators come which was rad.
            Monday was pretty quiet, we did look ups and the sort, Elder Burton didn't feel like doing too much.
            Then yesterday we went and took a train up to Scarsdale because Elder Burton wanted to meet with president. So we went, I had a nice little relaxing session at the chapel while I waited.  Today we are going to the met, and then we are going to the temple afterwords. I hope everybody has 
a great week!

Elder Richards 

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