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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 13, 2016 Transferred to New Paltz

Week Update, 
            This last week has been a good one! Here is what happened. Wednesday in the latter part of P-day we went to the World Trade Center and we got to take an elevator to the top which was pretty fun. It was neat to be that high up, we got some sweet pictures of it. I will attach them below. Later that evening we had dinner with Ray Smith, He lives in Poughkeepsie, but he has an apartment on the Upper East Side, so he comes down but he took us to dinner and it was really fun. 
            On Thursday we got to go visit Sally Kader, She is the UN lady we ran into a while ago. Anyways she called us and wanted us to come visit her at her office. So we went over there. And it was pretty neat! I didn't take any pictures which really stinks but oh well! Anyways she had a ton of interns that work for her and she had one who was a transgender from Singapore and she was in the army there and also she went to prison there for attacking her mother with a knife! I don't know how she got out but she is a student at NYU and interning for a peace organization at the UN. Anyways she was basically raising up an insurrection at Sally's offices and turning the other interns against Sally and encouraged laziness. And she would do weird chants in the office with all the blinds closed and lights turned off. Anyways she was being nuts one day and threatened to kill Sally so she fired her and all of her other interns. She was having a rough day so she felt inspired to call us. And we hadn't talked to her for a long time. So we went over there and talked to her, we blessed the office she has, and gave her a blessing as well. Then we talked about temples. And she offered to hire us as replacement interns. This was pretty neat. We told her we would think about it after we got home from our missions but it would be neat to work so close with the UN. 

            Friday we were at the Fed-ex Store while elder Burton Mailed some stuff home and I was fiddling around with one of the Kiosks designing calendars. When this guy who I ran into on the subway way back when I was with elder DeGraw came walking in. On first Glance this gentleman looks crazy, but talking to him he seems pretty sane, anyways when I was with elder Degraw we told him to come to church and we would set up times we would meet weekly during church. Which I regret doing. Anyways, he didn't come to church that Sunday and I forgot about him. Then we saw him all this time later. So I started talking to him and he was telling me about how badly he wanted to meet with us. And how he wishes we would have called him. I started to feel so guilty. He then told us about how he has been lately. And how he is diagnosed with kidney cancer and isn't expected to make it past March. I felt horrible at this point so I apologize to him for my laziness and set up a time we could meet and told him we would see to it he was baptized soon.  Needless to say I had a long prayer that night. God was giving me someone to teach and I was to prideful to teach him. I felt horrible. Thankfully God gave me a second chance and I didn't let him down this time. 

Saturday we got transfer calls, They are combining my area with the morning side heights Ward elders, and I got sent up to New Paltz NY, So I made sure that the elders knew all of our investigators and Made sure they would meet with Wade (the guy from the fed-ex place) I guess I missed my opportunity to teach him due to my negligence but I'm glad at least he will get taught. Saturday night we killed what we think is the last of the mice infestation. I and Elder Newbold took the night shift, and killed a big mouse! And we also got the crap scared out of us by a cockroach I caught it on film so I will also attach it. (you have to watch the whole video it's hysterical.) 

Sunday was good, it was fun too run into all the people I taught and interacted with. We saw Bryn Bass, she is a recent convert from the morning side heights ward, but she had me baptize her for some reason. Anyways she gave me here final parting wisdom. Afterwards we went to Central Park with Dwight and had a good visit with him there.  Monday was a lot of packing and stuff. And then yesterday were transfers. New Paltz is in the Boonies. I actually really like it though. It's way nice to have some quiet and be in nature. I'm really looking forward to my time here. I don't know how much work is here right now, but I'm sure if there isn't a lot we can find some. The branch here is really small. It's where Elder Essler started his mission. There is a lot of need in this branch, not only spiritual and temporal. But they need strong backs and weak minds. So I've heard from the few members I've already met that they will be having us doing a lot of physical service which I'm excited for. My Companion is elder Matson from Orange County CA. Elder Dutson one of my favorite comps trained him and he seems really cool so far. Today we are running errands getting settled in. The apartment here is super nice! The nicest one I've had on my mission! My desk is legendary! And we have a fake fireplace and a deck! It's great! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Richards 

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