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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 20, 2016 First week in New Paltz was great!

Week update.

            This has been my first week in New Paltz, it's been great and I love it. It is definitely the backwater part of the state of New York. It's pretty fun though! Everything is super green and there is a state park in the area which is pretty neat! Everything is super spread out though and that is the only weird part. There will just been corn fields or forest for a couple of miles and then all of a sudden there will just be three random houses and then back to corn fields I’m having a great time though! There are deer that live in our back yard but anyways I will get to the week

Week Highlight #1
            There is a Cracker Barrel in the zone we hit it on the way back from a meeting on Thursday and it was a treat! A ton of food for a small price and its way good. A chicken fried steak is always a treat.

Week Highlight #2
            I met pretty much all of the investigators this week and they all seem to be classic car enthusiasts which Is rad! Kenny our investigator is a retired tennis big shot and used to have a ton of nice cars back in the day, He had a baptismal date for a couple of weeks ago but he lost a ton of money in a sketchy bet and he told us he almost got his legs broken! I didn't know the mafia was in the boonies. So he didn't get baptized that day so we are thinking now about a date in early August.  I met another one of our investigators named Jack Klix, He is a old Volvo gear head. And has a ton of old Volvos. But we were chatting with him. He's a very no nonsense guy He told me he doesn't believe in the word of wisdom or the law of tithing. So we will have fun with that. All in all he is a great guy though!

Week Highlight #3
            The Branch is definitely a branch. I met with the branch mission leader on Friday and he was telling us to focus mostly on less active work, so I figured ok, we will have a list of 30 people and most of them will have probably moved. Fast Forward to Sunday and we cruise into church and there is like 30 people and the records have like 150 so we have some work to do. There is a lot of recently less active and part family less actives as well so it will be fun!

Week Highlight #4
            One of the less actives lives in a Rest Home so we were able to go visit him and he was telling us a ton of stories about when he was a US Marshal and it was pretty neat. There are a lot of really cool people that are out in the sticks here who have cool stories and are now just hanging low. But anyways he was telling us about when he was in Vietnam and about his trip to Gettysburg, then about some of the people he arrested when he was working for the government.

Week Highlight #5
            This area is one where the elders give a lot of service which is pretty fun. We chop a lot of wood and move a lot of stuff for people.
In the upcoming week we are digging up a stream bed. It's fun though to be able to do some physical service.

Week Highlight #6
            I found out that it's not safe to drink the water here! So I've been drinking bottled water! I feel like I'm in Alaska! I want to take some samples and send them home to see if the rumors are fact or fiction!

That is pretty much all the highlights of the week I can think of right now! It's been great! Have a great week everybody.

Elder Richards

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