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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 27, 2016 Set a date for Kenny!

Week Update
Highlight #1 
            We had a branch BBQ on Saturday which was pretty neat. We had what I guess is a ton of less actives come, because there were a ton of people there who weren't there on Sunday. Anyways it was all pretty fun, there were horseshoes flying all afternoon. Elder Matson was really into that. After all was said and done I think the best part was we got to take home the leftover hamburgers.

Highlight #2
            Sunday I got to speak in church and it went pretty well. My topic was keeping the faith and I hope I at least said something useful. I used a lot of quotes and talked about the iron rod.

Highlight #3
            The car has a bumpin AC

Highlight #4
            This week we have been getting some really random isolated thunderstorms, but they have been really cool as well. I guess this part of the state is in a drought as well. But it's been nice to have the rain and thunder! 

Sort of highlight #5
            Elder Matson broke a tooth or something so we headed to the Dentist on the other side of the mission twice this week. It all taken care of now, but it sure took a lot of time. He is feeling a lot better now though which is good.

Highlight #6
            We got to help a member’s sister move yesterday. We spent the majority of the morning and early afternoon helping these ladies move. They were really nice. And one of them was a first responder during 9/11 It was really neat to hear her story. She has gone through cancer since then and the Doctors think it was due to all the crap that was in the air from the aftermath. It was neat though to hear how she would do it again if she needed. I'm proud to be an American

Highlight #7
            Our Investigator Kenny called us Monday morning and told us that he has decided on a baptismal date. Which is great he is thinking August 4th.  He has had a couple of baptismal dates in the past. But we are hoping that this is the one. Kenny leads a really interesting life but he is a good guy. He has got a ton of health problems though which sort of stinks. But he keeps a positive attitude. 

That was pretty much this week! Hope you all have a good one!

Elder Richards

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