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Monday, December 15, 2014

Date: December 04, 2014 
Area: Manhattan South  
Companion: Elder Sprunt

Week Eight
So this weeks been pretty slow, we had transfers on Wednesday and nothing really changed except one of the elders in our apartment got transferred and we got elder Snow. He's pretty cool. Thanksgiving was pretty alright, we weren't allowed to proselyte. So it was a slow day, but we did go to one of the members from our wards fiancés family Thanksgiving dinner which was nice. It was pretty good. It was a little interesting also. We had the winter fest at Lincoln square this last Monday, it was fun. It was the church's public relations deal. We gave out hot chocolate, but the whole Lincoln square area was full of cool stuff like bands and restaurant and cool people making ice sculptures it was a pretty fun night. But other then that this weeks been pretty slow. I've been developing a lot of patience this week with my comp. not much more to say on that subject. We are working with a recent convert who is trying to find the origin of language.
He's a pretty interesting guy. But we are having Book of Mormon study and he is really interested in the plan of salvation chapters in Alma and we always have pretty good conversations. I got to go see the "He is the gift" ads in time square it's really awesome I've been handing out the "He is the gift" pass along cards like candy which Is really awesome we haven't had anybody contact us from if as of yet, but I think we will get something from it. It's a really awesome campaign.
It's definitely inspired. It's been really cold and windy here but it hasn't snowed yet which is crazy. But I'm expecting it any day now.
Anyways hope you all have a great week!

Elder Richards

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