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Monday, December 15, 2014

Date: November 05, 2014 
Area: Manhattan South  
Companion: Elder Sprunt

Week four!
Well this week has been pretty good, nothing too wild has happened. We met with one of our investigators this Thursday, her name is Krystal! She moved here from china 2 months ago! And her boyfriend is a member who was baptized six months ago in Taiwan, anyways she's learning so much! And she's growing so much it's awesome! The only problem is she's currently living with her boyfriend, and she's got here own room and everything but it's still a problem so right now we are talking to members in the ward to see if we can get one of them to move into the apartment and either Krystal or Basil (her boyfriend) moves out so she can be baptized! She really wants to be! So we are kinda like real estate agents right now, but yeah anyways.
Halloween was interesting we had to be in our apartment at five, so we did alot of cleaning! And we watched crazy people run around the streets from our apartment window it was pretty uninteresting though. I got to bed early! Anyways the day after we met with one of my companions converts from a recent area and he decided he wants to get married really soon, but he doesn't know who he wants to marry so we told him he should probably start to date, anyways right after our lesson our YSA ward Halloween party started and it was pretty cool, me and my companion had dinner and introduced one of our investigators to all the ward members them we had to leave because it was getting late! The next day was Sunday and it was really good! We had a really really amazing testimony meeting! I learned so much! It was awesome the spirit there was amazing! And it was also the New York marathon that day! We weren't allowed to go anywhere near it but it was still really cool to see all the runners swarm the streets afterwards with all their medals and cool jacket/blanket things! It would be kinda fun to run it one day! Oh! I almost forgot we were I'm Times Square the other day and it turns out we were on TV, we were talking to a member who saw us behind the NBA panel of some sort. It was last Wednesday at seven o clock here so five in Utah time.
Anyways it's been really fun lately, today we are heading to the temple on a subway and some random black guy was just standing in the door of the subway yelling I'm stopping this train and the doors of the subway just kept opening and closing and smashing him, a cop finally pulled him out of the doors it was really weird.
Anyways, I made a recipe for dinner Sunday I learned from one of the awesome members here named Steven! It's called coca cola chicken and it's really good! I'm surprised at how many different foods I have tried here! I got Brussels sprouts the other day! And they are interesting not my favorite but not bad either! But yeah afterwards on Sunday night we did some less active look ups at night and it got really really cold! But I didn't freeze which is good! Then Monday we had a really good lesson we brought Steven with us because he's getting ready to serve a mission and we went to a less active member who the bishop asked us to go see and it was really cool his testimony was so awesome! The spirit was really strong! And she asked if I would give her a blessing! I was really nervous! But it was really amazing!
It was my first blessing that I had actually given I had anointed oil before and consecrated it but I had never been the one to give the actual blessing. It was really cool! And Tuesdays been pretty good we had district meeting which was good nothing major!
I met brother Reid, the senate majority leader. He was leaving the chapel as we were going in to our sacrament. Anyways the white handbook says I'm not supposed to give any political thoughts as a missionary and also in my letters, but let's just say I washed my hands after meeting him.
Anyways hope you guys all have a good week! the church is true!
Elder Richards

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