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Monday, December 15, 2014

Date: November 12, 2014 
Area: Manhattan South  
Companion: Elder Sprunt

Week five.
So this week has been really wild, so to start off we had the craziest story happen Wednesday night, so we have a really creepy and not very nice building supervisor, who we don't think is 100% mentally there. But anyways he always bangs on our door between 2-5:30 in the morning with a hammer because he thinks we are "running and jumping" in our apartment. So he's nuts and I guess he has threatened to injure the other elders who have lived here before, anyways. So he was letting a homeless woman live with him for two weeks and I guess they got into an argument or something because he kicked her out and she came back at like 10:25 at night and started buzzing every apartment in our building over and over, and so at this point I put in ear plugs and went to sleep, but from talking to the elder who lives with us, he finally answered the buzzer to get her to stop and she wouldn't and then somehow she got in the building, and she was just yelling in front of our crazy building supervisors apartment, which is next door.
That he assaulted her and stole her mail and her checks, so the other elder answered and opened the door to ask her to be quiet and I guess she was trying to coax him to hit her, so he was just like I'm not going to hit you I'm going to just ask you to leave, and she wouldn't stop so he closed the door and she started yelling at our door, so at this point he has his comp wake us up and ask us what to do so we called the zone leaders and they asked the APs and they said to just call the police and have them take her. So we did, and we told the lady and she quit and left then two hours later the cops show up and we tell them what happened so they say to just call them again if she comes back, so we finally go to sleep, next morning during our person study she returned and was going nuts and our crazy neighbor let her in and we just hear a lot of yelling so we tuned it out then we hear doors slam and she was banging on our door wanting us to let her in and for us to call the cops, so we didn't let her in but we did call the cops, and they showed up a hour later after the fighting had migrated to the first floor, and they interviewed them for a additional hour, so then the police came and asked us if we had anything to say and we just said they are both nuts, anyways. About ten minutes later we see them take our neighbor who was handcuffed into a police car and we have no clue what happened to the crazy homeless woman. But our neighbor was back the next day so we don't know what happened but the mission office talked to the land lord and basically said we are moving unless something changes and seeing how we are the best tenants the building, thing have changed, he only hits our door every couple of days now and he leaves us alone which is nice, we still may be moving though. But yeah a lot of crazy stuff happened a crazy homeless man made a another begging homeless man a turkey sandwich on the subway, he literally stopped the man during his, please give me money talk, and made him a turkey sandwich! Then afterwards he put the bread and meat away into one of his garbage bags and started knitting and talking to himself again! It was bizarre, we also had zone conference this week and it was really really good, I really enjoyed it! I really like my mission president!
He gave some wonderful insights on the lords love and it really helped me. He also asked me to narrate the missions Christmas devotional. So I'm pretty excited for that I'm a little nervous too. This week has been kind of disappointing lesson wise though. A lot of our investigators had mid terms or were out of town so we did tracting and contacting which is always interesting anyway . I hope you all had a great week love you miss you.

Elder Richards

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