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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Date: December 24, 2014 
Area: Manhattan South  
Companion: Elder Sprunt

This week was a pretty good one! It's been a little slow because all the people in the area have gone home for Christmas and so
NYC is pretty much all tourists this week but we still have managed to
stay busy! On Friday we went and sang carols In Times Square and
handed out "He is the gift" cards! It was really handy because we have
the huge bill boards there so people were recognizing us with the
cards and signs! Anyways yeah it was really cold though. Saturday was
pretty cold too! Monday I went on splits with another elder in my
district and it was really fun. He's a awesome kid and I enjoyed it
quite a bit! We also had a really cool experience, we were standing in
the doorway at one of the down town chapels and this guy came and
knocked on the door to see if he could come in. So we let him in and
he asked if we had any ministers or priests, so we told him we were,
then he told us a story about how he had been guided here by the
spirit and when he saw the name Jesus Christ on the door he knew he
was home. So that's awesome! He then asked us to pray with him so we
did then we were talking to him and he said that he had just lost his
job, and then we told him that he came to the only employment resource
center the church has on the island and that we could help him with
some resources to find a job. So we got all his contact info and we
turned him over to the senior couple that works the resource center
but he said he's going to come to church for sure on Sunday which is
awesome! Then yesterday we had the zone get together to sing carols
in front of the New York public library. And everyone wanted to sing
and no body was really going to talk to the people listening, so I went
out and started talking to people and gave out a ton of cards and
showed the video a couple of times it was awesome! So today the zone
is having a Christmas party that I'm gonna head to but I'm looking
forward to Christmas! Have a Merry Christmas and remember, "He is the

Elder Richards

Me with a Portuguese man who spoke no english and has no clue what I'm doing he just decided to get in the picture with me, so I'm like that's chill.
I like pizza, and that was good pizza!
This is me chillin with a lion in front of the library

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