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Monday, December 15, 2014

Date: October 29, 2014 
Area: Manhattan South  
Companion: Elder Sprunt

So! Week three! The highlight of the week was we had a baptism! It was a guy named Pat and he started taking the lessons in April and was off and on but the last couple of weeks he decided he wanted to change his life, and pursue the gospel! And he's awesome! He's really dedicated to the gospel! So that's awesome! His baptism was so cool! It had such a sweet spirit there! He bore his testimony and it was really simple but powerful! But it was really cool! But that was one of the highlights! Elder Sprunt and I found out we were giving talks on Friday night so while we were filling the font on Saturday we were writing out talks! I based mine on the talk president Eyring gave in the April 2012 general conference called "Mountains to climb!" It's one of my all time favorite talks! And I would invite you all to read it. It's really helped me but anyways the talk went well, it really blended with the other talks so I see that being Gods hand in inspiring me what to do! Also I got to take a train from grand central up to Scarsdale Monday for a new missionary training at the mission home! It was really amazing! We talked a lot about the gospel of Christ and president Morgan just gave us some really inspiring insights and thoughts on the doctrine of Christ which was really cool! He just got home from Palmyra and there was a mission president training there that Elder Holland and Elder Bednar gave there, and he told of some of the stuff he learned! It would have been really amazing! They also got all the new missionaries a leaf form the sacred grove and told us this really cool metaphor about how missionary work is like the leaf, and how if we focus on Christ and look to heaven we will become colorful and develop personality, and it's really cool! So yeah! Grand Central station is really cool! I will send some pictures! Nothing that crazy happened this week. I'm really getting the hang of the subways, I saw some African American woman get into a brawl at McDonalds, and it seemed like something that I would see on twitter when I was home. It was bizarre for sure. We did a street contacting thing as a district outside of the temple on thirst and we were asking how people saw Gods hand in their lifes. Me and Elder Sprunt didn't get much success but people were much more willing to talk to the sisters though, but whatever! We would still call it a success, street contacting here isn't really the most successful thing in the world here, a lot of people just ignore us when we do it. But we still try and we can only go tracting in the projects here and those get sketchy sometimes! Everybody thinks we are detectives and we meet some real characters. But it's still work! Our most successful form of contacting people is chatting on the subway because they can't walk away, and most people are usually polite if we catch them on there. We found out that the corner we walk past everyday it's the south west corner of Central Park in Columbus circle, but anyways Joseph Smith and Parley Pratt both preached the gospel there In front of Central Park on milk crates, so I'm gonna get a picture of me doing the same to send home! It's just amazing the gospel has been taught on that corner for that long! And that the prophet of the restoration walked the same streets preaching the same gospel out of the same book! It's just amazing I think! I hope you all have a wonderful week! Have a good day!

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