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Monday, December 15, 2014

Date: October 22, 2014 
Area: Manhattan South  
Companion: Elder Sprunt

Week two! This weeks has had a lot of ups and downs. Nothing major has really happened we taught a lot of lessons and that's good and one of our investigators is having his baptism on Saturday so that's a really wonderful thing. I have been enjoying the work. We have two new investigators this week so that's a really good thing too they both sound really promising and I will enjoy teaching them! They both have a lot of questions too which is good. We met a Chinese lady on the street who is a member in china town and she was telling us her old bishop was good, but she says her new bishop is a Chinese communist and she wants us to spread the word that he is one.
But from what I understand the Chinese wards here are very unique and have some interesting trials. But it's cool! Later we met a homeless black man who was just in the streets and when he saw us he started chanting Brigham Young louder and louder. So that was interesting. And then another person said we needed to give her forgiveness and let her live in the temple. So yeah we met some very interesting children of God this week. I'm very blessed though to have all these new investigators! We have also been majorly blessed with a lot of dinner appointments which are amazing. Our investigator Pat who is being baptized on Saturday is such a cool guy. He was born in Shenzhen China and immigrated here and he's been taking the lessons for a while but has finally gained a testimony and a desire to be baptized which is really good. He is really really excited for it. I've been running to the temple every morning with my companion. And we go into the ward building part and my comp plays basketball or jumps around but I've been doing an ab workout. So that's good it helps me wake up so I can not be tired during personal studies. New York City is really weird. It's a lot bigger then I thought but it's a lot easier to get around In then I thought too. So I guess ginger ale is huge out here everybody drinks it and I can't figure out why, but whatever! Hippies! Food is way expensive here also! But it's been a ok week. I'm looking forward to next week a lot. Hope you all have a good week!

Elder Richards 

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